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Sprue picker systems

Article-Sprue picker systems

AE-YS and AE-ST Series sprue pickers have up to 6-lb payload capacity and what is said to be a state-of-the-art control system. The robots remove parts and runner systems with a strong and compact gripper design that eliminates verification switch adjustment. The single-stage vertical arm provides simple operation. The flexible, easy-to-use handheld pendant control provides teach-programmable sequences for maximum flexibility. Both series of robots have a pivoting base that allows the robot to pivot out of the way for mold changes. The control has 10 standard sequences, 10 user-programmable sequences, two spare outputs and one spare input, built-in help and diagnostics, and a standard SPI interface. No verification switch adjustment is needed, thanks to the use of a pressure differential switch. The AE-YS Series has an easy strip adjustment that doesn?t require tools, and it slows down upon part release. A pressure differential switch detects the sprue/runner on the gripper, eliminating mechanical switches and increasing reliability. The main arm swing angle adjusts from 60 to 90°, and the compressed air pressure is 60 to 90 psi. The AE-ST Series has an easy mechanical adjustment of mold entry position. Rack-and-pinion motion with scale makes setup quick and easy. The pickers are available with an optional two-stage telescopic vertical arm for higher speeds and minimized overhead clearance. Units are also available with vertical strokes up to 950 mm.

AEC Inc., Milwaukee, WI; (630) 595-1060

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