Arkema to produce bio-sourced polyamide 11 in Asia

Over the next five years, the Group plans to invest some 300 million euros in building, in Asia, a world-scale plant dedicated to producing Rilsan PA11 bio-sourced polyamide from castor oil. This major investment will enable the company to increase by 50% its polyamide (PA) 11 global production capacity.

Among the applications for polyamide 11 plant is 3D printing.

The new plant, which will produce both the amino 11 monomer and its polymer, Rilsan PA11, should come on stream in late 2021. It will enable Arkema to increase by 50% its Rilsan PA11 (powder and granule) production capacity. The investment also includes a 50% increase in global production capacities for Pebax, in particular Pebax RNew of which amino 11 is a key component. Pebax RNew is a bio-sourced polyamide elastomer with unique properties such as energy return and flexibility, earmarked in particular for the sports and electronics markets.

Rilsan PA11 is reportedly the only high performance 100% bio-sourced PA to qualify for the most exacting applications in particular in the electronics, 3D printing and automotive markets, where it serves as a metal substitute.

This investment illustrates the Group’s long-term commitment to fulfil strong demand from its customers in Asia. Over the next few years, annual growth of some 7% is forecast in Asia.





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