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Scion—New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd. (Rotorua, New Zealand): Ligate adhesive technology

Scion Ligate adhesive technologyScion's Ligate is a bio-adhesive technology made from 100% bio-based and sustainably grown products, including lignin, tannin and protein. It can be used to manufacture engineered wood products that do not emit volatile organic compounds and have a reduced life-cycle impact compared with products made using traditional petrochemical adhesives.

Water-based, non-toxic ligate adhesives are compatible with existing adhesive and panel board manufacturing equipment. Unlike other bio-based adhesives, Scion’s resin does not just replace petrochemical-based components but incorporates bio-inspired chemistry approaches in a scalable and simple way to deliver a performance product that is environmentally friendly, said the company.


Spinnova Oy (Jyväskylä, Finland): Spinnova sustainable textile fiber

Spinnova sustainable textile fiberSpinnova’s patented technology produces cellulose-based textile fibers without harmful chemicals and creates no waste or side streams. Unlike other technologies for making man-made cellulosic fibers, the process does not use dissolving methods. Spinnova only uses wood or waste stream–based cellulose that complies with standards set forth by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Spinnova’s objective is to globally commercialize the fiber products in collaboration with major textile brands.


Stora Enso (Helsinki, Finland): Lineo lignin alternative for petroleum-based products

Stora Enso LineoMaking up 20 to 30% of the composition of wood, lignin is often discarded or burned during the pulp production process. However, when extracted and converted, lignin could transform the way natural resources are used to make products.

In 2018, Stora Enso launched Lineo, a renewable, wood-based, non-toxic alternative to fossil-based materials. It can replace oil-based phenolic materials in a range of applications, including resins for plywood, oriented strand board, laminated veneer lumber, paper lamination and insulation materials.

Stora Enso continues to research new applications and is currently focused on developing the use of Lineo in formaldehyde-free binders, carbon fiber and energy storage.

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