PureCycle, Accredo Packaging Named Winners of Sustainability Innovation Awards

PureCycle Technologies and Accredo Packaging emerged as the winners of the 2020 Re|focus Sustainability Innovation Awards program organized by the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS).

PureCycle received the Leadership in Innovation award in recognition of its use of post-consumer and post-industrial polypropylene in consumer-facing applications. PureCycle removes contaminants, odors, and colors from recycled feedstock to produce near virgin-quality resin, said PLASTICS.

Accredo Packaging stand-up pouch
The AccredoFlex RP Gen2 pouch developed by Accredo Packaging consists of up to 25% bio-based resin. Image courtesy Accredo Packaging.

The People’s Choice award went to Accredo Packaging, which designed an all-polyethylene, fully recyclable stand-up pouch. The AccredoFlex RP Gen2 pouch consists of up to 25% bio-based resin and is manufactured with the use of wind and solar energy. Accredo also won a Sustainability Innovation Award for Best Design earlier this year.

Previous Re|focus attendees and plastics industry experts voted virtually for the People’s Choice Award at the Re|focus website, said PLASTICS in making the announcement. “These awards continue to demonstrate how the plastics industry is moving the needle in sustainability and recycling innovations,” said PLASTICS Senior Director of Sustainability and Materials Ashley Hood-Morley.

Despite the fact that voting was done remotely this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, “we had very high participation from the Re|focus community,” said Hood-Morley. “I continue to be impressed with the plastic industry’s commitment to sustainability,” she said.

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