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Temperature Controller Said To Be More User-Friendly, Less Expensive

Article-Temperature Controller Said To Be More User-Friendly, Less Expensive

December, 2001

Hot Runners:

Temperature ControllerSaid To Be More User-Friendly, Less Expensive

1201/K-22Gammaflux showed its new TTC family of hot runner temperature control systems at K. They are said to incorporate the newest electronics technology and software available and include such features as:

  • Small footprint
  • 'Attractive' pricing
  • Sophisticated software and user-friendly interface
  • Enhanced algorithms for tighter temperature control
  • Flexible, expandable architecture to allow integration into the molding machine's control panel
  • Expanded language conversion options and international icons

Tighter temperature control is achieved via Gammaflux's PID2 control algorithms, which are said to allow adaptive control of each zone. This translates into more consistent, higher quality molded parts. Several TTC models are available for handling 12 to 256 control zones.

In addition, TTC systems feature a modular design for quick control-card addition and replacement. Systems are reportedly easy to troubleshoot by telephone, reducing downtime and field maintenance visits.

Startup is also claimed to be easy: just enter set points and turn the power on. Standard features such as wet heater bake-out, slaved power-up and sequenced power-up go into action automatically.

An optional 'hot start' feature is designed to maintain the set point in the event of a temporary loss of input power.

Also new is the TTC 2200 Panel Mount system, which allows the controller to be seamlessly integrated into any injection molding machine's control panel. Panel mounting eliminates the need for a control cabinet on the floor.

Gammaflux says customers will have the option of using their own machine controller for operating theTTC, or they can use the Gammaflux TTC touch-screen monitor, which can be mounted directly next to the molding machine's control panel.The TTC 2200 Panel Mountsystem fits into most standard cabinets, with dimensions of32 x 7 x 19 in.

Gammaflux L.P.
Sterling, VA Circle 112

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