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Clare Goldsberry

June 22, 2016

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CMT Materials introduces material for heavy gauge TPO thermoforming

CMT Materials (Attleboro, MA), a designer and developer of syntactic foams for use as plug-assist materials, has developed a new grade of syntactic foam designed specifically for cut-sheet thermoforming of TPO and capped materials.

HYTAC-LPXT is impregnated with PTFE to provide a smooth, no-stick and mark-off-free surface. It is formulated to meet the requirements of the custom cast and cure approach typically used for large, complex part geometries in the heavy gauge thermoforming industry. Custom cast and cure provides a part in either a near-net shape requiring minimal machining or a final shape requiring only polishing for frictional modifications. A crack-arresting additive ensures product life for cycle-after-cycle and year-after-year performance, said CMT.

“HYTAC-LPXT now makes it possible for heavy gauge thermoformers to form engineered plastics such as TPO without mark-off or thin spots while improving cosmetic appearance,” said Conor Carlin, Sales and Marketing Manager for the company.

The syntactic foam structure of HYTAC-LPXT maintains low thermal conductivity while providing the release characteristic associated with PTFE.

HYTAC-LPXT is available as a solid syntactic or as the outer layer of a two-part system consisting of a core of epoxy-coated large, hollow composite spheres and an exterior of high-performance syntactic foam. It has been designed to enhance the cosmetic appearance of parts made from TPO and other capped materials. 

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