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No matter how esoteric a topic might seem, there's apparently always a critical mass that will bring like-minded people together to discuss and debate. There's even A Boring Conference that has in the past featured topics such as sneezing, toast, IBM tills, the sounds made by vending machines, barcodes, yellow lines, London shop fronts, and the features of the Yamaha PSR-175 Portatune keyboard.


Genova, host of the International Conference on Thermoplastics Joining.

I am by no means suggesting that I personally would find any topic related to plastics the least bit boring but nevertheless, this conference may be the most focused I have ever come across in the field of plastics fabrication: International Conference on Thermoplastics Joining.

The biennial international conference will be held in the Italian city of Genova at the end of May this year and feature a diverse range of topics. In fact here is the program that includes some tantalizing topics in the automotive sector.

  • Welding of Moulded Plastics Components - Best Practice and Assessment of Joint Integrity (Farshad Salamat-Zadeh / TWI Ltd)
  • Three dimensional laser transmission welding of automotive headlamps without clamping tool (Patrick Lakemeyer, Volker Schöppner / Kunststofftechnik Paderborn Universität Paderborn)
  • The development of standards on the welding of thermoplastic moulded components (George Thirlaway, Steve Fletcher / Jaguar Landrover Ltd)
  • Application of Online Services in Water and Gas Networks (Urs Rudischhauser / Georg Fischer Piping Systems Ltd)
  • Development of a system for the non-destructive testing of welded joints in thermoplastic storage tanks using phased array ultrasonic testing (Malcolm SPICER, Fredrik HAGGLUND, Mike TROUGHTON / TWI Ltd)
  • State of the art of the CEN standardisation activities for thermoplastics welding and future works (Michele Murgia / Istituto Italiano della Saldatura)
  • Long-term testing of extrusion welded joints containing flaws (Joachim Hessel / HESSEL Ingenieurtechnik GmbH)
  • Tm Laser fiber welding of polymeric materials (Chiara Mandolfino, Enrico Lertora, Carla Gambaro / Genoa University, Faculty of Engineering)

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