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January 1, 2000

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Hygro-Thermometer Incorporates Dew Point

Hygro-Thermometer Incorporates Dew Point

pn6-100.jpgExtech's Model 444732 hygro-thermometer with dew point indicator, measures from 15 to 90% relative humidity with a claimed 2% accuracy. Humidity is measured with a capacitance sensor.  Humidity and temperature (F/C) are measured via a remote probe with the measurements displayed at the same time.

The unit combines dew point display with two analog outputs and two programmable High/ Low setpoints. Other features include maximum and minimum memory functions, data hold and automatic shut-off.

Price is $269 and includes built-in stand, probe, carrying case and 9 v battery. Optional are 33 and 75% calibration standards for greater accuracy.

Extech Instruments Corp.
Waltham, MA  

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