This man wants to make manufacturing cool again, and he's succeeding

Kyle MilanKyle Milan say he wants to make manufacturing cool again, and he has built a channel to make that happen: Make Cool Shit TV. Each episode features Milan visiting a manufacturing company and talking to the owners and employees about what they do. Thus far, Milan has posted two episodes featuring a thermoforming company and CNC machine shop along with a short behind-the-scenes documentary. His goal, he told PlasticsToday, is to shoot weekly episodes. You can watch his current output via his website or YouTube.

Milan has an engaging personality and the video production values are better than you might expect, but it’s the overall message that truly matters. As he says at the top of the thermoforming episode, “I spent 15 years in manufacturing and now I am on a mission to show people how things are made and to excite young people and get them interested in this industry.” As any manufacturer struggling to find skilled personnel will tell you—we need more of that.

When he’s not shooting footage on shop floors, Milan heads 5 Fold Agency, a digital marketing firm with an emphasis on businesses and industrial products, the space where he started his professional life. Previously, Milan worked as an applications and mechanical engineer in the micro-machine tooling and electro-mechanical sector before moving into sales and marketing for injection molding companies.

Milan started Make Cool Shit TV in February 2019, and the response so far has been "insane." Milan told PlasticsToday that he has "already been approached by two major manufacturing trade shows to do episodes live from their events." As for getting word out to the intended audience, "we are engaging with schools, associations and trade shows to [raise] awareness and exposure and [seek] sponsorship opportunities," said Milan.

Milan wants to profile an array of manufacturing processes, including injection molding, robotics, machining, paper production and much more on Make Cool Shit TV. If you’re interested in having your company featured—and why wouldn't you—go to the company website.

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