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Meaf touts energy efficiency for inline thermoforming

Meaf Machines B.V. said that increasing energy costs, a demand for flexibility when it comes to product variety, rising costs for production space and environmental consciousness are the driving factors for continuous improvement of its sheet extrusion lines and thermoforming machines.

PlasticsToday Staff

July 23, 2013

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Meaf touts energy efficiency for inline thermoforming

Meaf's KMS600 can thermoform rigid, sturdy materials such as GPPS or PET up to 2.0mm. The machine features a servo driven plug assist and specially developed intake heaters, in combination with a Meaf energy efficient H-series extrusion line. Two of Meaf's latest inline combinations have been sold to a customer in Thailand, which consists of the complete production line and its auxiliary equipment. It was completely engineered and produced and assembled at the Meaf premises in Yerseke, Holland.

The KMS600 is also equipped with tilting technology. Due to its rigid construction and bolted forming station, it is possible to produce cups up to 180mm across the entire form area.

Meaf says the KMS600 is a flexible, robust production machine incorporating optional features, such as a servo driven plug assist, fully automatic lubrication system for all major parts and individually controlled heating zones in lower heating frames.


The Meaf H-series of sheet extrusion lines are equipped with an energy efficient design, consisting of a combination of a barrel, screw, energy efficient motor and heating elements, together with a specific temperature profile. Meaf says this provides a unique concept when it comes to energy savings.

With the energy efficient design of the Meaf H-series, it is possible to reach an average energy consumption between 0.16 and 0.18 kW/kg, for the entire sheet extrusion line including auxiliary equipment like winders and take-off.

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