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PEEK sheet offered for thermoforming

January 1, 2008

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PEEK sheet offered for thermoforming

A tray made of Tecapeek VF: the thermoformable material scores due to over its thermal and chemical resistance.

Sheet extruder Ensinger (Nufringen, Germany; www.ensinger-online.com) has expanded its Tecapeek PEEK (polyether etherketone) sheet range to include a new grade, Tecapeek VF, designed especially for processing via vacuum forming.

The new grade, says the supplier, combines the proven characteristics of Tecapeek with new processing possibilities. If increasing safety and material requirements have to be combined with thin walled parts, the new grade is a good choice, says Ensinger.

PEEK for the sheet is supplier by Britain’s Victrex, the world’s largest supplier of the material. Products formed from Tecapeek VF can be sterilized with all common methods and are inherently flame retardant. Applications are foreseen in the aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in semiconductor manufacturing, as liners in tank construction, or for trays or baskets. In the electronics industry, the new grade’s transparency to electromagnetic waves makes it an option for antenna housings.

Tecapeek VF sheet is offered in thicknesses of 1, 2 and 3 mm with dimensions of 610 x 1220 mm.

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