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September 1, 2004

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Quick-change thermoformer with heavy-duty specs

The RFT Custom thermoformer is designed for quick-change, steel-rule trim and stack applications. Though the machine accepts most tooling packages, it is offered with an optional quick-change tooling package that enables a complete changeover in as little as 15 minutes. The package includes quick-change tool rails; quick-release tool locks; servocontrol process regulators; a tool hoist; and digital positioning of the chain rails, trim X, trim Y, and trim Z.

The basic configuration of the thermoformer includes a dancer unwind station, 110-inch oven, 60-ton form station with 7 inches of stroke, 100-ton trim station, and scrap winder. The machine is designed around four oversized, round-platen guide posts and rugged tubular chain rails. These two features are said to provide dependability and accuracy for a variety of thermoforming operations.

The oversized posts allow for high tonnage, and the tubular chain rails are strong and allow for precise temperature control. Coupled with the control system, the machine handles short- or long-run custom applications with power, precision, and accuracy.

The thermoformer accepts a mold size of 32 by 36 inches, and a form tonnage of 60 tons (with 7 inches of stroke and shut-heights of 6 to 8 inches, top and bottom). The trim station is 100 tons (with 7 inches of stroke and shut-heights of 6 to 8 inches, top and bottom), and trim force is 100 tons with an economical pump and four bump cylinders. The real-time process controls are PC-based. The top and bottom ovens are 110-inch-long and roll out independently for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Lyle Industries Inc., Beaverton, MI
(989) 435-7717

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