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August 23, 2008

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Sensor has four thermocouple calibration points

NP_Watlow_ac.gifCoupled with a new controller, a new temperature sensor reportedly offers more than double the accuracy of a standard unit. Watlow?s new Infosense sensor technology, in conjunction with its Series SD controller, is said to be highly effective for tracking temperatures of sensitive materials like engineering resins. To some, a thermocouple may be a commodity item; however, failure at this basic level can create processing failures and molding downtime. Watlow says its new controller and sensor provide more accurate temperature control, which minimizes material degradation, creates greater melt uniformity, and reduces scrap.The Infosense sensors come with four calibration points that can be adjusted across the full temperature range, instead of the single temperature points monitored by standard thermocouples. The four calibration values can be recorded on the thermocouple label and entered manually in the field or scanned by a bar code reader tied to the communication port of the Series SD controller.The SD controller also comes with infrared wireless input, smart sensor technology, and an enhanced control algorithm for tighter process control. EIA 485 Modbus serial communications are available, providing information exchange between equipment and any customer management systems.The channel controllers come in 1/32-, 1/16-, 1/8-, and ¼-DIN panel-mount sizes. A universal sensor input and up to three outputs are included. The outputs can be programmed for temperature control or as process alarms. Watlow?s Watview software is also available for setup, monitoring, and editing of control parameters.

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