Slideshow: SPE Thermoforming Division Parts Competition recognizes innovations in roll-fed applications

  • SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition

    Opening secure clamshell packaging has long been an exercise in frustration for consumers, but more roll-fed thermoforming applications are addressing this issue. Winners of this year's SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition in the roll-fed category are finding unique ways to keep the product secure while giving the consumer a better and easier way to open the package.

    Roll-fed Medical Category: Medical liner to protect orthopedic implants

    Submitted by Barger, Placon’s Medical Specialists (Elkhart, IN), this thin-gauge, vacuum-formed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) offers rugged, impact-resistant protection for orthopedic implants. This particular thermoformed TPU container is used to protect round, femoral heads—one of several components that complete a medical hip implant assembly—and can withstand the most common forms of sterilization.

  • SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition

    Roll-fed Consumer Category: Click it Clam

    Submitted by Jamestown Plastics (Brocton, NY), the Click it Clam is an innovative clamshell with a patented locking feature that allows it to be easily opened and closed with one hand. The user simply has to push on the lower part of the flange under the pin, which forces the wall to deflect, releasing the pin and allowing the lid to pop open. Snapping the lid back down to close it produces an audible click. No more cutting and tearing to pry open standard clamshells. And it’s made in the USA!

  • SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition

    Sheet-Fed Recycled Gold: Decorative wall protection system

    Submitted by Valley Industrial Products (Fort Valley, GA), the laminated, vacuum-formed product is used as the front face of a decorative wall protection system. The film is pre-laminated onto extruded 100% post-industrial regrind polyester, produced on a twin-screw, dryer-less extruder. The front face of the film is topside printed by UV (solvent-free) screen printing technology. Then the total assembly is vacuum formed using a temperature-controlled array of frosted, incandescent reflective bulbs.

  • SPE Thermoforming Parts Competition

    Twin Sheet Gold Award: Wheelchair shower floor pan and ramp

    Submitted by Associated Thermoforming Inc. (Berthoud, CO), this product consists of two large, twin-sheet parts that form a floor pan and ramp for a wheelchair-compatible temporary shower. The single-oven twin-sheet process creates a part that is strong enough to withstand the load of a person in a wheelchair with only two wheels making contact. Both parts are formed from 0.187-in.-gauge virgin, high-gloss ABS.

  • Roll-fed Recycled Category: Book and recorder clamshell

    Submitted by Innovative Plastech (Batavia, IL), this hanging clamshell package for retail is designed to hold both a music book and musical instrument. The package is made from 0.020 clear Utility (recycled) PVC. For security of contents while hanging, the clamshell is designed with six button snaps around the perimeter of the package to allow for repeated opening and closing by the customer.

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