SPE Thermoforming Division adds new categories in annual Parts Competition

SPE Thermoforming logoThe Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE; Bethel, CT) Thermoforming Division has announced a call for entries in its annual Parts Competition, which includes two new categories. The program rewards advances in thermoforming design and application. The submission deadline is Aug. 16, 2019.

Entries will be displayed on the exhibit hall floor during the 27th SPE Thermoforming Conference, to be held Sept. 9 to 11 at the Wisconsin Center and Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel in Milwaukee, WI. Awards for the winning parts will be presented at the SPE Thermoforming Awards dinner at the hotel on Sept. 10.

Competition entrants may submit parts in four categories:

  • Roll-fed: Industrial, medical or food
  • Heavy-gauge: Vacuum form, pressure form, twin sheet and TPO
  • Parts produced with recycled/sustainable materials
  • Parts produced using automation and new technology

“Challenges often arise as companies employ more automation and rely on fewer personnel during part production,” said Travis Kieffer, SPE Thermoforming Conference Parts Competition Chair, commenting on the new automation/technology category. “Companies now look to automation to fill the dearth of skilled personnel required for production. Since the skilled labor shortage is a pervasive problem in the thermoforming industry, we are soliciting parts that have met and overcome this challenge by successfully engaging automation during the parts production process.”

Competition guidelines for entrants along with full information on the competition and conference are available at thermoformingdivision.com.

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