SPE Thermoforming Division awards scholarships to students specializing in plastics

Samuel BliesnerThe Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoforming Division has awarded scholarships to four undergraduate and one graduate student to support their continuing studies and active participation in plastics. The SPE Thermoforming Division is a technical division of SPE, based in Bethel, CT. Its mission is to facilitate the advancement of thermoforming technologies through education, application, promotion and research.

Haven BontzThe students have been invited to attend the 27th SPE Thermoforming Conference, which will be held Sept. 9 to 11, 2019, at the Wisconsin Center and Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel in Milwaukee, WI. They will be recognized during the Thermoforming Awards Dinner on Tuesday, September 10, at the hotel.

Antonia ChinThe Scholarship recipients (pictured in order, top to bottom) are Samuel Bliesner, Tulane University; Haven Bontz, Pennsylvania College of Technology; Antonia Chin, Kettering University; Lexington Peterson, Pittsburg State University; and Nathan Rader-Edkin, Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Lexington Peterson“The Thermoforming Division received a large volume of scholarship applications this year,” said Matt O’Hagan, SPE, Thermoforming Division Student Activities Committee Chair. “These students demonstrate track records of success and a clear interest in and commitment to our industry. At our conference in Milwaukee, they will have an opportunity to learn more about careers in Nathan Rader Edkinthermoforming and to network with industry leaders and potential employers.”

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