Thermoformer General Plastics invests $4 million in expansion project

June 10, 2015

General Plastics Inc. (Milwaukee, WI) is making improvements to its Milwaukee production facility, implementing new manufacturing equipment and bringing on new employees as part of a two-year $4 million expansion project in order to keep up with increasing demand.          

The thermoforming company is adding 42,000 square feet of space to its existing Milwaukee plant and expects this $3 million project to be completed in the Fall. The company also has invested $1 million in manufacturing equipment.

The expansion project is necessary to keep up with increasing demand for the Milwaukee manufacturer’s customized products and services, according to Robert G. Porsche, President of General Plastics.

“Several years ago we made quality and customer service the focal points of everything we do at General Plastics. As a result, we’ve experienced double-digit growth in sales during the last few years,” he said. “Recently, a number of our largest customers came to us and asked if we could keep pace with the significant growth they were experiencing. Obviously we’re committed to our customers so we answered the bell and said, ‘Yes’.”

General Plastics currently operates a 51,000-square-foot production facility and a 12,000-square-foot warehouse nearby. This latest add-on will give the manufacturer of custom plastics products a total of 93,000 square feet and ramp up its overall efficiency by consolidating operations under one roof. The company has 70 full-time employees and looks to add another 15 jobs over the next several months.


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