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Thermoplay remodels Series D nozzles

November 1, 2007

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Thermoplay remodels Series D nozzles

Thermoplay S.p.A. introduced its remodeled D type nozzles, now available with the screwed tips in types 1, 1B, and 3B. Type 1B with the lengthened tip, is the most frequently used for internal injection in particularly critical points, such as elongated caps and containers, or where it is necessary to keep the heated part of the nozzle as far away as possible from the part surface, to avoid marks and unsightly appearance. This type of tip adapts to applications with many cavities and fast cycles that are especially appropriate for the packaging sector, molding of caps and small components.

The new concept for type 3B has a lengthened gate system tip, suitable for the injection of parts where appearance is important, and for sequential checking. It optimizes material flow in special applications such as tubs and thin-walled containers, that cannot be injected externally due to the presence of the label in IML applications. The gate system nozzles leave a very clean injection point that is minimal in appearance and free of imperfections and residual material that could contaminate the product contained in the tub, making it ideal for food packaging applications. The needle centering system on gate system type 3B has been perfected, and the needle centers itself in the tip of the nozzle ensuring perfect concentricity with the mold seat where the needle closes. All the new types of needles are constructed with a special sintered steel, which makes them much more resistant and not subject to wear, therefore suitable for all types of thermoplastic materials. Additionally, the diameter of the channel inside the nozzle core has been increased to improve the flow rate and for easier injection of large parts.

For easier application in molds with many cavities, the thickness of the D nozzle heads has been increased to allow for more space for the outlet cables and as a consequence, to be able to increase the number of hot half injection points obtainable with D nozzles. Thermoplay has rounded out the versions offered by the range with the addition of the new 18 diameter available in types 1 and lengthened 1B. Standard lengths available have been tripled, and they now reach 206 mm for diameters 18, 22 and 30 mm, and 254 mm for diameter of 44 mm.—[email protected]

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