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Thin sensor measures tactile force where others can?t

Article-Thin sensor measures tactile force where others can?t

Checking platen parallelism or mating mold faces? A new force-indicating film sensor assesses compression magnitude and distribution between any two mating or impacting surfaces in applications that cannot accommodate traditional load cells and other transducers. It can be used to check sealoffs and pattern/pressure levels in molds, venting, and matching of inserts as well as measure interface pressure during ultrasonic welding.

The Pressurex sensor comes in the form of a large, .008-inch-thick (maximum) film. When placed in between impacting or mating surfaces, the film instantaneously and permanently changes color. The intensity of this color is proportional to the amount of force applied, allowing the user to determine the stress characteristics across the surface. Precise psi can be determined by comparing the film to a color calibration chart or by using one of several imaging systems offered by the manufacturer. (The photo shows the image produced after the film has gone through the manufacturer?s Topaq imaging system.) The film comes in five psi ranges (with maximums from 7100 to 18,500 psi) and is sold by the foot or by the roll. Pricing ranges from $30/ft for high-pressure film to $50/ft for ultra-low-pressure film. For rolls, which are available in 13-ft lengths for ultra-low film and 33 ft for high-pressure film, it costs as little as $450/roll depending on quantity.

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