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Tiebar-, oil-free molding machines

Engel?s E-motion series of tiebarless, four-motor, servomolding machines are reportedly designed to be highly competitive in terms of speed, precision repeatability, configuration versatility, and dependability. E-motions also are built for direct pricing competition with fully outfitted all-hydraulic machines.

Available in 60-, 110-, and 165-ton models with either 130-mm/sec or 250-mm/sec injection, all E-motions feature Engel?s horizontal C-frame toggle-clamp design, which includes its Flexlink solution for offsetting deformation under load. Among its innovative new features is a high-resolution, absolute-position encoder that was patterned after those found in machine tools.

All three sizes of machines were on display in Engel?s K 2001 booth. One cell featured a 60-ton E-motion equipped with a linear Engel robot to demonstrate high-precision insert molding in four-cavity tooling. A 165-tonner, previewing Engel?s latest CC 200 touch-screen controller, cycled a 16-cavity mold running PP caps in 8 seconds and featured built-in docking for the hydraulic power pack driving the tool?s complex core pulls. The 110-ton E-motion molded LSR pharmaceutical parts in a 32-cavity mold in 15-second cycles.

Engel, Guelph, ON
(519) 836-0220

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