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Tough environments a cinch

Article-Tough environments a cinch

When it comes to hot, steamy structural and connector applications, the list of property requirements can grow to nearly impossible proportions. To meet or beat the specs, BASF (Florham Park, NJ) has added a new polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) material called Ultrason P to its lineup. It is said to feature high melting temperature, low water absorption, high chemical resistance, inherent fire resistance, and a Charpy notched impact strength that is almost 10 times greater than other amorphous high-temperature resins.

?With Ultrason P, we are expanding our range of high-performance plastics and penetrating markets that were hardly accessible with the materials we had before,? explains Matthias Dietrich, head of global business for Ultrason. ?Producing this plastic at the high levels of quality required is so complex that only a few companies in the world are able to manufacture it.?

The new material can be sterilized with hot steam for up to 2000 cycles without any damage, significantly more than other plastics in this class. When exposed to a combination of strong cleansers and disinfectants as well as high heat, BASF sources say that Ultrason P remains unharmed.

Current and potential applications for Ultrason P include pipe connectors and valves in plumbing, as well as aircraft applications such as seat and lamp covers, ventilation valves, overhead bins for carry-on baggage, and in-flight food containers. For milk production equipment, which has stringent sterilization and resistance requirements, the PPSU specialty grade can be used for connectors and transparent parts.

The first grade available is a transparent one called 3010. BASF plans to add a white and a black grade to the product range.?MM
BASF Corp.
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