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Vertical insert machines require less floor space

Autojectors rolled out two new vertical insert molding machines with larger tonnages but the same compact footprint. The 130- and 280-ton additions to the Evolutions Series were on display at Autojectors? new plant located within Milacron?s Batavia, OH site. The C-frame Evolution machines boast a footprint of only 15 by 7 ft, since they don?t use the conventional horizontal, on-end clamp found in many comparable tiebar models. The C-frame design features no cage of tiebars around the mold area, permitting greater access and no need for hard guarding. The Evolution line has five machines ranging from 30 to 280 tons that fit a variety of needs for insert, over, and multicomponent molding. All machines come with a user-friendly, PC-based control and can be equipped as stationary, shuttle, or rotary-table models. The standard two-station rotary table has a two-station oscillation option and up to four different lower halves. Larger tooling, easier mold changes, and increased access to cooling and electrical connections are all reported benefits of the Evolution?s C-frame design. Safety around the mold is increased by an infrared light curtain mounted around the perimeter of the table that ceases table motion if breached. No accumulator is necessary because of the tandem variable- and fixed-volume pumps that create faster clamping, adjustable tonnage, and unlimited flow for ejection sequences, core pulls, and other auxiliary functions. Maximum daylight for the 280-ton machine is 35 inches, with 25 inches for the 130-ton model. All Evolution presses come with Vertex control, a vertical-specific version of Milacron?s Xtreem control platform.

Autojectors Div.,
Ferromatik Milacron
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