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Vision system offers small package, big performance

All the components of a new vision system come preassembled in a totally enclosed aluminum case. The M40 smart camera and its Tool Panel PC application software are integrated into a 100g package along with lighting, lens, user interface, and processor. The Windows-based programming software of the unit allows configuration from a PC. With this application users point and click to enter desired tolerances or other parameters.

The Tool Panel PC?s simulator allows testing and validation of programs before hooking up the Smart Camera to save time in setup. To assess its capabilities, the Tool Panel software can also be downloaded from the Internet with a built-in simulator.

The system can process rotated images, transmit classification results, match patterns, measure colors, and compensate for brightness and position. Given these abilities, the vision system is reportedly suited for gauging, inspection, checking orientation, and recognition tasks. The system can be used to confirm the presence of necessary components and completeness of assemblies, as well as perform measurements. Using a progressive scan sensor with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels, the M40 offers 10-bit grayscale resolution and a digital signal processor with 8 MB of SDRAM and 2 MB of nonvolatile flash EPROM.

The system has two 24V d-c inputs and can be powered by a nominal voltage supply of 24V. This allows the M40 to perform full-frame integration, image acquisition, program and external triggering, and high- and low-speed shuttering. The M40 system with Tool Panel software starts at $1500.

Vision Components, Burlington, MA
(781) 229-5842

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