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Visit your Congress People—or invite them to visit you

Article-Visit your Congress People—or invite them to visit you

Visiting Washington, DC is a popular summertime event for families. It’s also a popular event for the plastics industry. Making a personal visit to your congressional representative or senator is a great way to show them that manufacturing means a lot to you, your family, your employees and your community, and helps the U.S. manufacturing economy as a whole.

If you’d like to visit your Congressional Representatives or Senators this summer, sign up for the Society of the Plastics Industry 2013 Plastics Industry Fly-In, July 23-24. Anyone can attend this increasingly popular summertime event. Just go to and register for the event.

And if you can’t go to your representatives or senators, invite them to come to you! Today, May 29, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin is scheduled to visit Xten Industries, a $45 million contract manufacturer/custom molder headquartered in Kenosha, WI, and with an additional manufacturing plant in Lockport, IL. This is a follow-up to her visit of a year ago (prior to winning the election) and provides the opportunity for the Senator to experience firsthand the company’s growth over the past year.
Sen. Baldwin will also review the expanding relationship Xten has created with Gateway Technical College. Of particular interest will be Xten’s sponsorship of the Quality and Measurement Lab within Gateway’s Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Center (IMET) and the Scholarship for Manufacturing Excellence the company has provided. Sen. Baldwin is also interested in learning more about the tailored training programs Gateway provides Xten, and meet with employees who have participated in those training programs, which are partially funded by state grants.
So, if you’d like to take summertime trip to Washington, DC, take the family and see our nation’s capital, and join the SPI’s annual Plastics Industry Fly-In and get connected with your representatives and senators. Give them information about your company and what you contribute to the manufacturing sector. And while you’re there, invite them to visit your plant the next time they are back in their district or state.

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