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Web-exclusive Product: Hot runner controller handles 24 zones economically

Article-Web-exclusive Product: Hot runner controller handles 24 zones economically

Husky says its new LEC Hot Runner Controller line is a breakthrough in putting a more competitive price on a high-performance hot runner temperature controller. It is made for smaller hot runner applications and designed modularly with two-, six-, and 12-zone enclosures for simple control card removal or addition.

An optional network module will link two six- or 12-zone enclosures for up to 24 control zones, and all the six- and 12-zone enclosures are prewired for it. A networked LEC system offers security options, remote input, alarm output, and Husky software such as Gammavision, Mold Doctor, and Field Calibrator (using a PC). The network module also links to plant monitoring systems.

The LEC HR controller uses Husky?s proven Triangulated Control Technology, which senses the thermocouple 20 times per second. Its proprietary self-optimizing control algorithm adjusts if the temperature goes .1 deg F (.05 deg C) off the setpoint, and it anticipates the setpoint to avoid over- or undershoot. Power to each heater is in .24V a-c increments for smooth, precise management. The LEC, like other Husky controllers, uses a closed loop system to check every heater 120 times per second for shorts; if one is detected, an adjustment is made within 8.3 ms to protect the heater, cables, and controller.

Husky, Bolton, ON

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