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The week that was: Highlights and the top 10 articles for Oct. 22-26

Turning a quote into a purchase order should feel like a victory for a moldmaker, but subsequently turning that purchase order into actual cash is too often a terrific struggle in and of itself. Our Moldmaking Editor Clare Goldsberry detailed the viewpoint of David Lefere, a partner in the law firm of Bolhouse, Barr & Lefere, who mapped out the changing landscape of mold lien laws.

, who mapped out the changing landscape of mold lien laws. Clare reviews all of a tool shop's options, and concludes:

While taking these steps to protect your interest may seem time consuming, not getting paid for the molds you build can be costly-and even result in the loss of your business.

Do you know what "bounceback" is? To healthcare professionals, it refers to the percentage of patients readmitted to hospitals after 90 days. Wouldn't that be a pretty handy statistic to have for your local hospitals? That's what Johns Hopkins cancer surgeon Mark Makary, thinks. He talks about that concept and others in his new book: Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won't Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care, which was reviewed by Medical Channel Editor Doug Smock. Another good-to-know data point: what percentage of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers at a given institution would have an operation at the hospital in which they work?

Could a bioplastic come to the rescue of the environmentally maligned material PVC? According to Doug, the answer could be yes. Bioplastics manufacturer Metabolix is promoting a series of its PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) copolymers it says are miscible with PVC and have been shown to boost physical properties. 

There are few brandowners in the packaging space with a bigger impact on design trends and material choices then Coca-Cola. This week, Packaging Channel Editor Heather Caliendo got Coke on the record regarding two of its recent programs: the PlantBottle and its very ambitious London 2012 Summer Games recycling initiative. So, is the PlantBottle for real or a green washing gimmick?

As Scott Vitters, GM of the PlantBottle packaging platform, told Heather:

"With the emergence of world scale plants, we are showing this is definitely real, not just a 'green' idea."

Back in London, Coke's goal was daunting: the beverage maker pledged to recycle all soft drinks bottles that were disposed of at Olympic and Paralympic venues and return that waste into new bottles within six weeks. So how'd they do?

Coca-Cola recently announced that it has recycled 10.5 million bottles collected from London 2012, returning them to Great Britain shelves as part of new bottles....All the clear bottles that can be recycled have now been collected, but the process of turning them into new bottles is still continuing, the spokesperson said.

This week, we've also started running our coverage of the Fakuma show held Oct. 15-19 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Overall, the mood was as sunny as the weather around Lake Constance (Bodensee for our German readers), with optimistic dispositions prevailing despite often dire headlines across Europe.

Our Sustainability and European Editor Karen Laird checked in with material suppliers at the fair, several of whom promoted ambitious metal-replacement programs. Get the scoop from DuPont, BASF, Sabic, EMS, PolyOne, and Evonik. We also have business updates on the machinery side from Arburg, Engel, KraussMaffei, and Wittmann Battenfeld. More news updates, as well as technology reviews, will be posted next week.

In his Profitable Plastics resin-pricing column, Tom Langan shows how if processors understand how price caps work, they can help them control resins price risk and reduce costs.

Below top 10 most-clicked articles for the last three weeks, PlasticsToday has been on the road and missed a couple of weeks.

Top 10 most-clicked articles Oct. 22-26

  1. Moldmakers still fighting the same battle: How do we get paid?
  2. Metal replacement at Fakuma: PolyOne, BASF, EMS, Evonik, DuPont, and Sabic
  3. Bioplastic may replace plasticizers in PVC IV tubing
  4. PolyOne announces Spartech acquisition, record earnings
  5. Pepsi to manufacture its own plastics bottles at Latham, NY facility
  6. Arburg: Production efficiency is key to the future
  7. Could you make mold trials a formality?
  8. Profitable Plastics: Resin price caps-Price protection for processors, added value for suppliers
  9. Medical Musings: The antimicrobial mirage
  10. Spectrum Plastics Group expands Quick-Turn Tooling capabilities

Top 10 most-clicked articles Oct. 15-19

  1. Case Study: Two-shot mold reduces cost, improves quality
  2. Painted foam TPO part earns Henry Ford Technology Award
  3. Plastics and Politics: Senators visit machinery plants
  4. Injection molding, a scientific approach
  5. Scientex to buy GW Plastics Holdings Berhad units; looks to create a plastic packaging powerhouse
  6. Ford Motor unveils prototype carbon fiber hood
  7. Carbon fiber use grows at U.S. automakers
  8. Minor PP supply disruption hits Ford
  9. Thermally conductive compounds reduce vehicle weight via metal replacement
  10. The joy of cooking with ... plastics

Top 10 most-clicked articles Oct. 8-12

  1. Berry Plastics planning IPO, may be worth about $2 billion
  2. Helix Medical adds molding capacity; eyes more acquisitions
  3. Chinese medical market is growing, changing rapidly
  4. KraussMaffei Group consolidates U.S. operations, shifts Netstal to Kentucky site
  5. Medical device OEMs target cost savings
  6. MSU School of Packaging gets a shout-out on ABC & ESPN
  7. Renault deploys lightweight all-PP lift-gate solution
  8. Private equity firm to buy Bway Parent for $1.24 billion
  9. Green Matter: Success now grows on trees
  10. Thermoformers maintain steady business but remain cautious
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