Special Report: Emerging trends in sustainable packaging

June 17, 2016
In today’s world, sustainability is no longer an option, but an essential design element in order to attract, relate to and retain consumers. To meet the needs of this burgeoning market, new uses for plastic packaging are being continuously unearthed, as innovative plastic materials are being...
Automotive stock art

Special Report: Emerging markets put auto sector in fast lane

April 27, 2016
The U.S. auto industry had a banner year in 2015, with vehicle sales topping the previous record set in 2000—17.47 million vehicles sold compared with 17.35 million—but the sector is counting on emerging markets to drive car production to new heights in 2016. That shift is also causing automakers...

Making sustainability pay

April 19, 2016
Even as awareness has grown that sustainability should be an integral part of corporate culture, many businesses still find themselves wrestling with the implementation of sustainable measures and practices. That is especially true of the plastics industry. Fairly or unfairly, it is associated with...
Industry 4.0 graphic

Industry 4.0: The factory of the future

March 22, 2016
Ten years ago, manufacturing seemed doomed, in the West, at least. The big topic was offshoring, and the general consensus was that there was no future for companies that did not join the flight to the lower-cost countries of Asia. Today, in a complete about-face, manufacturing is back, and not...

Jigs & Fixtures: More Profitable Production

January 13, 2016
Mainstream manufacturers are realizing that there is important value in producing their own jigs and fixtures and other manufacturing tools. Extreme reductions in production time and cost using additive manufacturing are driving this trend. This article features examples of manufacturers...

You'll know when it's time for TZM hot-runner nozzle tips

January 13, 2016
The plastics industry has always been competitive, but with today’s rapidly growing demand for products made from premium materials, leading the herd with hot runners that can handle them is even more important. These premium materials require that your hot runner’s nozzle tip be able to withstand...

3D printing makes inroads in injection molding

January 13, 2016
3D printing is an exponential innovation. Regular breakthroughs in 3D printer speed, resolution, cost and reliability demonstrate the potential not only for scale but also for unlocking new possibilities. Coupled with a fast-evolving range of printable materials, 3D printing is expanding into...