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Wire EDM offers autothreading

Article-Wire EDM offers autothreading

A new wire EDM unit uses quick setups, rapid feedrates, and automated features to speed intricate machining jobs. The Makino SP64 packs a full-function hand box with LCD monitor, 78-in/min feedrates, and autothreading of the wire in a 12,556-lb package. The SP64 also has a .1-µm dual-feedback system that includes a high-speed digital generator and an integrated dielectric chiller.

The machine?s range in the x-, y-, and z-axes covers 25.6 by 15.74 by 16.2 inches (650 by 400 by 412 mm), and it has a maximum work size of 44 by 32 by 16.5 inches (1120 by 812 by 420 mm). Wire sizes of .004 to .012 inch are available, and the taper cutting ability is 15° with a 35° function available.

For control, the SP64 uses Wire Wizard software and a flat, 14-inch, touch-screen monitor. Operators are prompted through setup as inputs are automatically requested.

The SP64 also applies PVG cutting technology, which stands for P-Cut, V-Corner, and GS-Cut. P-Cut speeds roughing and offers precision spark-gap control. GS-Cut reportedly improves the initial cut?s straightness, which reduces corrections in skim passes, especially in materials more than 4 inches thick. The V-Corner improves accuracy in small corners with greater overall control of the shape.

The machine?s autothreading feature allows for 15-second thread time by way of the dual-jet, automatic wire-threading unit; also, the wire, or V, guides can be serviced without being removed and have a 12,000-hour warranty.

Makino, Mason, OH
(513) 573-7200;

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