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American Mold Builders Association Presents ‘Meet the Mentor’ Series

Image: AMBA AMBA logo
Open to members of the Emerging Leaders Network, the quarterly series hosts seasoned industry professionals sharing their expertise related to leadership challenges, risk taking, and problem solving.

Members of the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) Emerging Leaders Network will discuss operational leadership, risk-taking, communication challenges, and problem-solving strategies during AMBA’s “Meet the Mentor” series. The Emerging Leaders Network is a community of 40-and-younger professionals, who are passionate about leadership growth and industry advancement. This program track provides an opportunity for industry executives and up-and-coming leaders to address challenges facing the next generation in mold manufacturing.

Each quarter, AMBA’s Emerging Leaders hear from seasoned industry professionals, who provide insight into a core challenge previously identified by the network. During each session, attendees will be challenged to:

  • Reflect on an area of interest in their own workplace;
  • generate and implement best practices and solutions applicable to their own facility;
  • connect with peers for follow-up discussions on their observations and future improvement goals specific to their organization.

The next session on April 8 at 11 AM EDT will highlight the experiences of Charles Daniels, CFO, Wepco Plastics Inc., and Justin McPhee, Westfall Twin Cities (formerly Mold Craft). Together, these mentors will share how embracing risk leads to new and diverse opportunities, a positive bottom-line impact, and the ability to “fail-proof” tasks and decisions, said AMBA.

Session themes vary by quarter and include separate peer networking opportunities. Sessions are open exclusively to AMBA members. Registration can be completed at the AMBA website.

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