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A Big Batch of STEM Programs for Kids

Gallery-A Big Batch of STEM Programs for Kids

This list of science, tech, engineering, and math programs for kids K-12 is a wealth of fun education.

Learning STEM skills is a great option for kids and teens looking to improve their creativity and problem-solving. In general, STEM jobs are expected to grow 10.5% between 2020 and 2030 compared to 7.5% growth for non-STEM jobs. This equates to 1 million more job openings over 10 years!

There are a ton of online STEM programs for kids ranging from kindergarten through high school. You can find programs offered by PBS Kids and National Geographic as well as the American Museum of Natural History. Some are aimed at school curriculum, while others are designed to work with kids outside of a school setting,

There are also STEM clubs for students that introduce them to key science, math, technology, and engineering concepts in a fun environment.

Here’s quick background on STEM programs for kids:

These programs are particularly important because STEM is often not emphasized in early education. Only a small percentage of K-3 classrooms study science all or most days of the week. This number increases for grades 4-6, but the number is still low. Less than half of elementary schools and middle schools offer computer science classes.

So here are some virtual STEM courses to begin your learning adventure on your schedule, either in class or from home. The Create & Learn program has provided an excellent list of STEM programs for kids. Here are some of the programs they suggest as a great virtual learning environment.

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