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Karen Laird

May 13, 2016

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Polycarbonate provides improved mechanical properties for high 3D print quality

In response to rising demand for better quality, temperature-resistant 3D printed products, German RepRap GmbH, located in Feldkirchen near Munich, is now also offering a polycarbonate filament among the other filaments in its portfolio of available 3D printing materials. German RepRap, which was founded in 2010, became known for its large-sized industrial 3D printers - becoming the first company in Germany to release a large-capacity 3D printer for professional user - but has since developed into an all-round supplier of 3D printing solutions. According to the company, the new PC filament not only offers excellent properties and print quality, but also allows for easy printing.

Because of its temperature stability - up to 112 °C - polycarbonate opens the door for a host of completely new application fields. Moreover, filament made from polycarbonate is characterized by an extremely high surface quality, and, if used correctly, will yield products that require no further reworking or finishing.

The polycarbonate offered by German RepRap is classified in accordance with flammability standard V2 (UL94:2006), and features excellent high temperature properties. Compared to ABS, it also provides better mechanical properties under almost all testing conditions, making polycarbonate an excellent choice in cases where alternative materials are too soft, too fragile, insufficiently scratch resistant or that offer insufficient dimensional stability. In comparison with more brittle materials, polycarbonate is lighter, in addition to offering a considerably higher level of impact resistance. This eliminates the possibility of splinters at moderate impact energies and speeds. Furthermore, polycarbonate, as a static dissipative material, is an ideal choice for use as a machine cover in explosion-protected areas and and other charge sensitive applications. The material is also highly resistant to chemicals and solvents, and is therefore also suitable for industrial applications, as well as for demanding applications of private users. Polycarbonate PC does tend to warp more than other materials such as ABS or PLA, which means it should not be used without a heated bed.

The polycarbonate filament is available on 750 g spools with a 1.75 mm diameter exclusively from German RepRap in the online shop, as well as at the certified German RepRap sales partners. It can be used with all standard RepRap 3D printers using manufacturer-independent filament.

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