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Polystyrene Foam Recycling Incentivized by Investment, Innovation

A one-two punch of industry grants and supplier innovations is expanding recycling options for expanded polystyrene (EPS).

nov 14, 2023|
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Dispatches from the War on Plastics
Plastec West is the central hub for top suppliers of plastics and polymers, injection molding, coatings, dyes, furnishings, and 3D printing across the medical, agriculture, design, and manufacturing fields.
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Industry Trends
Renewable PC Delivers the Spark in EV Chargers

Sabic reduces carbon footprint in collaboration with Charge Amps through certified renewable Lexan polycarbonate for electric vehicle charger housings.

nov 28, 2023|
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byRick Lingle, Senior Technical Editor
byMarc Yagoub, Global Business Director – Advanced Plastics Recycling