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Bans, Buyers, and Berry: An Eclectic February in Plastics

From myth busting to bag banning and so much more, PlasticsToday’s monthly top 10 proves once again that variety is the spice of the plastics business.

mar 1, 2024
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Dispatches from the War on Plastics
Debunking the ‘Fraud of Plastic Recycling’

In a recent report, the Center for Climate Integrity conveniently ignores the single-most important factor driving demand for recycled plastics — the price of oil.

feb 20, 2024
3 Min Read
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Plastec West/MD&M West 2024 News
Reporter’s Notebook: Syensqo’s Healthcare Play

The spin-off company from 160-year-old Solvay has grand ambitions for continuing to bring its value proposition to the medical sector.

mar 3, 2024
3 Min Read


Sustainability and the Path to a Circular Economy
Thin-Wall Packaging: Where Weight Loss is a Sustainability Gain

The market for lightweight thin-wall packaging, which sustainably reduces plastic use to lower transportation and energy costs, is growing 6.4% yearly.

feb 28, 2024
3 Min Read