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Plastics by the Numbers

Plastics market reports for polyethylene furanoate (PEF), functional films, post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics, plastic compounding, chemical recycling, and more are featured in this slideshow.

feb 7, 2024
9 Slides
Dispatches from the War on Plastics
Debunking the ‘Fraud of Plastic Recycling’

In a recent report, the Center for Climate Integrity conveniently ignores the single-most important factor driving demand for recycled plastics — the price of oil.

feb 20, 2024
3 Min Read
Plastec West is the central hub for top suppliers of plastics and polymers, injection molding, coatings, dyes, furnishings, and 3D printing across the medical, agriculture, design, and manufacturing fields.
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Plastec West/MD&M West 2024 News
How TekniPlex Healthcare Elevated Its Status as a Medtech Supplier

When TekniPlex Healthcare was established in 2021, the objective was to bring its material science expertise and manufacturing know how to the medtech space, but it was missing a piece of the puzzle.

feb 15, 2024
4 Min Read


byRick Lingle, Senior Technical Editor
Sustainability and the Path to a Circular Economy
Compostable Tray Nudges EPS From the Meat Case

SEE’s new compostable tray performs as well as standard protein trays on food processing equipment and in distribution.

feb 20, 2024
3 Min Read