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Informa Markets – Engineering
2901 28th Street, Ste. 100
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: +1 310 445-4200

Editorial Contacts

Norbert Sparrow
Editor in Chief
Phone: +1 310 384-2241
[email protected]

Rick Lingle
Senior Technical Editor 
Phone: +1 630 481-1426
[email protected]

Stephen Moore
Contributing Editor/Asia
[email protected]


Sales Team

John Guadagno
Sales Director – PlasticsToday
Phone: +1 203 523-7091
Fax: +1 877 747-4001
[email protected]

Lisa Adams
Sales Manager – PlasticsToday
West, Midwest, Southwest, Canada
Phone: +1 224 250-7939
[email protected]

Dino Pontonio
Sales Manager – PlasticsToday
Northeast, Southeast, International
Phone: +1 203 814-7338
[email protected]


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