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PolyOne introduces specialty automotive TPEs at Mannheim conference

Karen Laird

March 21, 2016

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PolyOne introduces specialty automotive TPEs at Mannheim conference

At the recent VDI Plastics in Automotive conference in Mannheim (Germany), PolyOne unveiled its new OnFlex LO thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) designed specifically for automotive interior applications. The new TPE technology reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 50% and minimizes fogging and odor in interior automotive components, says the company.

“While our existing TPEs lead the industry in low emissions performance, we continue to innovate and anticipate future demands and stricter requirements,” said Charles Page, Director of Global Marketing at PolyOne. He added that the new material will play an important role in minimizing further off-gassing of chemicals, which a 2012 study by the Ecology Center linked with health issues, thus helping automakers create a healthier, more enjoyable vehicle environment.

PolyOne tested OnFlex LO TPE against its existing TPEs according to the VDA 278 standard for VOCs and fog, and VDA 270 standard for odor. Results showed OnFlex LO TPE cut VOC emissions by approximately 50% and fog emissions by 40%, while maintaining outstanding low odor performance. These improved levels of safety and comfort have moreover been achieved without impacting either mechanical properties or manufacturability.

OnFlex LO is well suited for a broad range of automotive applications including heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) seals, buttons, controls, coin trays and drink holder mats. It can be overmolded onto polyolefin substrates using two-shot injection molding processes.

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