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Low-fogging grades provide consumer appeal in auto interiors and can also be used in custom color-matched exterior parts.

Stephen Moore

February 9, 2017

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UV-stable, high-flow TPVs for automotive parts exhibit excellent colorability, surface appearance, tactile properties

A new series of thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) elastomers with key advantages over standard TPVs in their natural or uncolored form provides the appearance and tactile properties valued for automotive interiors while also exhibiting excellent colorability for exterior components.

Unlike many standard TPVs in their natural form, Sarlink 6700 Series compounds from Teknor Apex Company (Pawtucket, RI) possess a very light hue that makes them easier to custom-color, do not require drying prior to processing, and are UV-stabilized to meet auto-industry specifications for interior components.

Unlike conventional TPVs, Sarlink 6700 Series compounds are so light in their natural form that they are readily custom-colored even for parts that are light gray or tan.

The new TPVs are low-fogging and exhibit high flow for molding complex parts with thin walls. Recommended interior applications include floor mats, bin mats, cup-holder liners, and “soft-touch” grips, knobs, and buttons.

When colored with UV-stabilized masterbatch, Sarlink 6700 Series compounds also can be used for exterior parts such as cowl vent seals, mirror and antenna gaskets, headlight bezels, and window trim.

Compounds in the new series are resistant to aqueous solutions, exhibit good thermal stability, and are available, in natural form only, in Shore A hardnesses from 55 to 75.

Sarlink TPVs have received automotive approvals from General Motors (GMW-15816), Ford (WSS-M2D510-A5-A7), and Chrysler (MS-AR-100-AMV2, -BMV2, and CMV2), according to Jeffrey E. Dickerhoof, senior sales and marketing manager for the Thermoplastic Elastomer Division of Teknor Apex. “With their enhanced UV stability, Sarlink 6700 Series compounds represent the next generation of the Sarlink 6100 Series of high-flow TPVs, which are widely used in the automotive industry worldwide,” said Mr. Dickerhoof. “Unlike conventional TPVs, these products are so light in their natural form that they are readily custom-colored even for parts that are light gray or tan.”

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