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Electric machine for micromolding

August 23, 2008

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Electric machine for micromolding

After releasing three machines from its MiniMolder line at NPE last year, MCP Tooling Technology completes its line of bench-top machines with the 12/90HSE, a compact electric. The new machine is said to be faster, more accurate, and more responsive than MCP?s existing bench-top machines. The clamp, screw, and injection modules all incorporate independent servoelectric drives for fast, responsive parameter profiling. MCP reports that changeover time in the two-stage injection head is around 10 msec, with mold open and close speeds of 250 mm/sec. It also features MCP?s plunger-over-screw plasticating to improve material melt by using its standard 16-mm transfer screw with its plunger system.

Melt temperature is monitored and controlled from the point of entry into the chamber right to the point of exit by the integral hot tip. Shot volume is controlled by a linear transducer, while temperature within the unit is maintained using a four-zone closed loop system. The direct-feed injection is said to help reduce material waste and degradation by using minimal shot weights. Both machine and microprocessor are powered by a single-phase 13A plug for easy installation.?KH

MCP Systems, Fairfield, CT
(203) 367-7761

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