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May 1, 1999

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Product News - Blown Film Controller Integrates Controls Of A Three-Layer Line

Blown Film Controller Integrates Controls Of

A Three-Layer Line

Brampton Engineering has introduced the ITALYCS-LT controller to enable operator control of a blown film line with up to three extruders. The control is available on new BE blown film equipment, but it can also be retrofit on older BE machines.

ITALYCS-LT, which stands for Integrated Temperature and Line Yield Control System-LighT, is based on the manufacturer's ITALYCS-II controller. It is a PLC-based system that integrates the controls of a three-layer line on one easy-to-use and easy-to-view touchscreen.

It gives the operator the ability to control temperature and composition of the final product. When the operator selects a pre-set recipe, the system sets operating temperature, layer ratio and film thickness. This is accomplished by gravimetrically controlling the base resin and as many as six additives to each of up to three extruders and controlling extruder rpm, haul-off speed and bubble dia-meter to achieve the target yield.

Temperature is also controlled with deviation high and low alarms for all extruders and die zones in accordance with the recipe. Up to 50 recipes can be stored. The controller also monitors melt pressure, temperature and weight of resin used. Options include remote monitoring by modem and a printer.

Please contact the manufacturer directly for pricing information. Use the Key Contact Directory.

Brampton Engineering Inc.

Brampton, Ontario

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