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Recycler Acquires Custom Blow Molder in Ontario

The acquisition of Exi-Plast Custom Moulding will allow EFS-plastics to directly manufacture finished products with high levels of post-consumer recycled plastic.

PlasticsToday Staff

October 6, 2021

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In an all-Canadian deal, recycler EFS-plastics Inc. has acquired Exi-Plast Custom Moulding. Both companies will continue to operate under their organizational structures and will build on their existing base of suppliers and customers, they said. EFS-plastics, which specializes in the production of 100% post-consumer polyethylene and polypropylene resin, is based in Listowel, ON. Exi-Plast, a full-service plastics processor with a focus on custom blow-molding services, is located in Huron Park, ON.

"Having worked closely with EFS as a supplier since 2016, it felt natural for Exi-Plast to join the EFS group of companies," said Exi-Plast President Jeffrey Lang. "With EFS's backing, we are looking forward to increasing our production capacity and upgrading equipment over the next several months."

The acquisition fits into EFS's mission to reduce plastic waste by replacing the use of virgin plastic with high-quality, low-carbon recycled plastic. By purchasing Exi-Plast, EFS can directly manufacture finished products with high levels of post-consumer recycled plastic for its customers. Given the commitments made by brands and Canada’s federal government to increase use of post-consumer recycled plastic, EFS said that this vertical integration will allow it to recycle higher volumes of plastic collected from Canadian households.

"Our investment in Exi-Plast will increase our ability to serve customers looking to improve their environmental footprint," said EFS-plastics President and CEO Martin Vogt. "As we closely watch action being taken by both the federal government and the private sector, we see the increasing demand for recycled content as a lasting trend."

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