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Remote molding systems monitor

August 23, 2008

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Remote molding systems monitor

A 65-ton all-electric Model EC65NII from Toshiba Machine Co. America (Elk Grove Village, IL) running at a recent trade show was monitored in real time by a Toshiba technician at its new technical center in Plain City, OH to demonstrate how the powerful remote monitoring capabilities of the company?s iPaqet system can save you downtime and increase your productivity.

Engineered to work with up to 24 different Toshiba molding machines simultaneously, the iPaqet system consists of server and client software, and a V21 Ethernet board. It establishes an intranet between the server and your laptop, PDA, or mobile phone. A Windows OS is required.

Once it?s connected, you can monitor production, access machine data files, view operation logs, retrieve system messages, monitor quality?you name it?all in real time and from almost any location.

The EC65NII has some neat features, too, like a more advanced electric interlock and additional guarding?it?s one of the first molding machines to comply with the latest ANSI B151-2007 safety standard.?CK
Toshiba Machine Co. America

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