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Weatherguard WG-9000 compounds exhibit durability and scratch resistance, outperforming standard capstocks without the need for expensive ionomer content, according to Teknor Apex.

Clare Goldsberry

February 9, 2021

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wood-plastic composite decking on patio
Image: Teknor Apex

Plastics compounder Teknor Apex Co. announced new highly weatherable compounds for the outer — or “cap” — layers of dark-color wood plastic composite (WPC) decking. Weatherguard WG-9000 capstock for WPC decking provides greater durability and scratch-resistance than widely used competing compounds, while helping manufacturers to contain costs, said the company. The announcement came on Feb. 8, the week of the virtual International Builders Show (IBS).

After 5,000 hours of QUV accelerated weathering tests, the Weatherguard WG-9000 series polyolefin-based capstock compounds exhibited a color change of less than 0.5 Delta E for dark brown. They offer a five- to 10-fold improvement in elongation and impact strength in comparison with a standard competing compound, while sacrificing only 15% in tensile strength, said Teknor Apex.

The Weatherguard WG-9015 LG grade contributes to cost containment because it is designed to be used as a 50% concentrate in a blend with fractional-melt-index polyethylene. While ionomer resin is often used as an ingredient in capstocks to increase scratch resistance, the WG-9015 LG grade, when used as a 50% concentrate with polyethylene, provides greater scratch resistance in comparison with a similar compound containing 20% ionomer, while avoiding the need for this expensive polymer.

For manufacturers looking for a cost-effective grade that requires no blending with polyethylene, Weatherguard WG-9003 LG can be used as 100% capstock. Both grades are sold pre-colored to meet the customized color palette of the end customer.

Made from a blend of wood flour and polyolefin plastics, WPC decking is increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional treated wood because of its superior appearance, lower maintenance, and longer lifespan, noted John Macaluso, Industry Manager, Building and Construction, Vinyl Division of Teknor Apex.

“The cost-containment possibilities of our new Weatherguard capstocks offer a valuable advantage in the competition between WPC and wood,” said Macaluso. “And while great strides are being made to incorporate recycled content in the inner core of deck boards, the quality and durability of the capstock become even more important for obtaining the performance and aesthetic benefits over traditional wood.”

The new WG-9000 Series compounds add to an already extensive series of capstock compounds in the Weatherguard product line, including formulations for use with PVC substrates in decking, railings, fencing, siding, windows, and doors, as well as other capstock products for polyolefin substrates used in the WPC deck market. Teknor Apex supplies these products on a custom basis, with formulations tailored to customer requirements for color, gloss level, and other properties.

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