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March 18, 2016

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Sanitized AG expands innovative capabilities with new TecCenter

Swiss antimicrobial technology specialist Sanitized has opened a new technical textiles research, development and testing center, at its headquarters at Burgdorf. The company says that customers will benefit from support with product development and optimization on premium hygiene function and material protection, tailored to each individual production process. A key priority for the facility will be odor management in textiles.

At the new center, customers will be supported with the development of new products with integrated hygiene function, material protection against defined aggressors, such as UV irradiation or mold, and odor management in textiles. The enhanced innovation capabilities include testing facilities for polymer and textile coatings. The new Sanitized TecCenter has the equipment required to manufacture plastic films or coating support systems and textiles, benefitting manufacturers of industrial textiles and geotextiles.

“The equipment in our new Sanitized TecCenter, allows us to conduct application tests at laboratory level to advance product developments and optimization which, so far, had to be carried out in customers’ manufacturing processes at great expense in terms of machinery, time and energy,” said Urs Stalder, CEO of Sanitized AG. “In close cooperation with our customers, we can now effectively advance their R&D projects,” he continued.

The new Sanitized TecCenter is equipped to carry out all relevant microbiological laboratory tests. The company also said that the center is also intended to test proven Sanitized products for new types of applications. Customers will derive various benefits: Application of one single Sanitized product for several different articles will not only reduce logistic expenses and transport costs, but also allow customers to avoid converting their machinery and vehicle fleets.

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