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May 1, 2004

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Compact, mold-mounted hot runner temperature control

The Altanium C series of compact, mold-mounted hot runner temperature control systems can control six to 12 zones. Three interchangeable operator interfaces offer single-point access to fast and accurate information for all zones. The Neo operator interface has a monochromatic touch screen that displays the setpoint, actual temperature, power output, slaving, and alarms for up to 12 control zones on a single page. The Delta 1 operator interface provides advanced control technology at an affordable price. The Matrix operator interface provides intelligent temperature control capabilities with a choice of 12 to 18-inch LCD touch-screen operator interfaces.

The systems have a high degree of temperature control accuracy for existing and future low-mass nozzles, with user-selectable phase angle or zero cross power per zone, ?Hal Effect? current transducers, and enhanced control software.

A modular card design with two zone increments allows quick and easy servicing, even in environments with limited accessibility. Outward facing heat sinks provide efficient cooling, yielding consistent operation of electronic components.

Moldflow Corp., Wayland, MA
(508) 358-5848

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