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Dual injection machine performs specialty processes

August 23, 2008

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Dual injection machine performs specialty processes

Injection molding applications that demand maximum flexibility in a number of specialty processes?including multicolor, multi-component, and multimaterial molding?are the target of a new series of machines from Sandretto USA that comes equipped with Sandretto?s five-point toggle system and dual injection units. The machines can perform co-molding or overmolding of multiple components, either with or without the use of a rotary table; coinjection of different materials to produce components with a different core and skin; coinjection of two materials and inert gas to produce partially hollow components; dual-feed molding to optimize welding lines and molecule orientation; and conventional molding of separate components, using either two separate molds or two separate cavities of the same mold. In addition, the BN Multi-Melt Synchro is capable of conventional molding of a single component, utilizing both injection units to enlarge the shot volume window, which is suitable for molders who need larger injection units coupled with smaller clamp forces.

The BN Multi-Melt Synchro series is available in five models ranging from 120 to 550 tons with three different shot sizes available on each unit. The machines are modular in design with each clamp unit designed to accept two injection units from a total of four. Pricing is described as competitive.

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