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Tekmart International Inc., headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada, and with contract manufacturing in Juarez, Mexico, announced that it has opened an injection molding machine trading facility. With global sales approaching 100 presses and auxiliary equipment, the growth of this business segment has led Tekmart to open its 100,000-square-foot equipment service and trading facility in Juarez dedicated to injection molding and plastics process machinery. This expansion has also allowed Tekmart to add 40,000 square feet of surface mount technology (SMT) equipment.

Clare Goldsberry

April 1, 2015

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Tekmart serves fast-paced manufacturing segments with injection molding machine trading facility

According to Nigel Thomas, Director, a healthy market demand for injection molding and process machinery provided Tekmart with a strategic opportunity to trade in this equipment, which has become an important part of Tekmart's inventory.

Tekmart International is a diversified company with a two-pronged business strategy:

  • capital asset trading, or the buying and selling of high-technology capital assets from the manufacturing floors of some of the most recognized global OEMs in industry;

  • contract manufacturing through its subsidiary Tekmart Integrated Manufacturing Services (TIMS), which operates manufacturing facilities in Brazil and Mexico.

Tekmart's business is deeply rooted in the electronics manufacturing industry, with the purchase two years ago of the 640,000-square-foot TCL/Thompson television plant in Juarez. Tekmart restructured the entire facility to a full-service contract manufacturing plant that can meet the fast-growing needs of major OEMs in Mexico. Today, this facility houses Tekmart Integrated Manufacturing Services, which offers global OEMs capabilities that include injection molding, SMT and a range of secondary operations such as decorating and finishing processes, including painting. It serves primarily the automotive, white goods (appliances) and consumer electronics industries.

"Whether the customer is a large multinational OEM, Tier 1 or SMB, Tekmart has a unique ability to engage its customers on many levels," comments Thomas. "We look at all opportunities to drive value to our customers' plant floors in providing cost-effective pre-owned manufacturing equipment, procuring surplus assets to free up dead capital, or engaging our customers as a manufacturing partner with the ability to supply assembled PCBs, plastic parts and assemblies."

Thomas further added, "The growth rate of the manufacturing industry in Mexico as well as TIMS's border location was a logical, logistical choice from which to procure and supply capital equipment to North American operations on both sides of the border."

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