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RadiciGroup Establishes Consortium to Power Research and Innovation

The Radici InNova consortium is tasked with developing research and innovation projects for the chemicals, high-performance polymers, and advanced textiles sectors in accordance with the RadiciGroup’s sustainability strategy.

Clare Goldsberry

September 15, 2020

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Materials supplier RadiciGroup has founded Radici InNova, a non-profit consortium tasked with ensuring business continuity, improving corporate competitiveness, and creating value for the community. The new company’s main objective is the development of new research and innovation projects for the chemicals, high-performance polymers, and advanced textiles sectors in accordance with the Bergamo, Italy–based group’s sustainability strategy.

“The formation of Radici InNova represents an important milestone for the whole group on its path toward innovation, which was started many years ago,” said Angelo Radici, President of RadiciGroup. “In fact, innovation has been a key element that distinguishes us and enables us to expand into a variety of sectors and supply the market with competitive, cutting-edge products and solutions. By sharing the know-how and the competencies of the various group business areas, it will be possible to develop integrated advanced research projects, in accordance with our sustainability strategy and inspired by the principles of environmental protection and the circular economy, ensuring constant growth and a better future for generations to come.”

By leveraging internal competencies and targeted relationships with third parties, Radici InNova will manage and coordinate all the group’s strategically essential research activities, with the objective of strengthening the role of innovation as a driver of RadiciGroup development.

Radici InNova research activities will focus on five macro areas:

  1. Development of polymers obtained from biomaterials;

  2. production of chemical intermediates derived from natural resources to produce nylon, polyester, and polyurethane;

  3. development of circular economy solutions;

  4. new business opportunities such as nonwovens;

  5. optimization of industrial processes.

Radici InNova will work in close collaboration with public and private research centers, universities, and group customers and suppliers,” said Stefano Allni, head of the new company. “Particularly at this stage, our goal is to contribute proactively to the restart of our industry through innovation and sustainability, two pillars of our group vision.”

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