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Plastic Possibilities: MIT-Developed Coating’s Surprising Usefulness

A podcast interview with LiquiGlide CEO Dave Smith reveals exciting developments for the super-slippery coating for containers, catheters, biologics, and more.

Rick Lingle, Senior Technical Editor

October 13, 2021

1 Min Read
What's new with LiquiGlide? Colgate's revolutionary toothpaste bottle, ready-to-use optimized containers, and a whole lot more.LiquiGlide

You may have heard of LiquiGlide as a kind of miracle coating for containers that makes nearly 100% of viscous products that consumers typically struggle to remove to slide off surfaces cleanly as if by magic from bottles, tubes, and other type of containers. These include lotions, creams, toothpaste, conditioners, ketchup, and other products. Notably, that makes the empty packaging essentially recycle-ready when applicable.

It turns out those more obvious uses only scratch the surface of what this technology developed in the labs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) brings to the table. In this podcast interview, LiquiGlide CEO Dave Smith discusses…

  • A thumbnail history of the technology;

  • Colgate’s groundbreaking toothpaste bottle;

  • Moving products such as creams or concentrates from jars to squeeze bottles;

  • Innovative new, ready-for-market LiquiGlide-optimized packaging;

  • Emerging markets for the coating in catheters, medical devices, and processing operations.



About the Author(s)

Rick Lingle

Senior Technical Editor, Packaging Digest and PlasticsToday

Rick Lingle is Senior Technical Editor, Packaging Digest and PlasticsToday. He’s been a packaging media journalist since 1985 specializing in food, beverage and plastic markets. He has a chemistry degree from Clarke College and has worked in food industry R&D for Standard Brands/Nabisco and the R.T. French Co. Reach him at [email protected] or 630-481-1426.

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