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Simulation package analyzes mechanical stresses in part designSimulation package analyzes mechanical stresses in part design

August 23, 2008

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Simulation package analyzes mechanical stresses in part design

Aptly named MSC/InCheck, this new easy-to-use mechanical simulation software package was developed to help design engineers conduct a variety of simulations on their solid geometry designs and keep them under control, or ?in check.? Seamlessly integrated with popular PC CAD programs, the software lets design engineers quickly conduct stress vibration, buckling, heat transfer, and shape optimization simulations without leaving the interface of their favorite CAD program. A simulation wizard feature makes the program easy to use, as it leads users step-by-step through the process of creating, analyzing, and interpreting the results of simulations.

Environmental loads and boundary conditions are applied directly to the solid geometry in global or user-specified coordinate systems. A comprehensive selection of load and restraint conditions are available to simulate any design environment. An automatic mesher with local mesh accuracy control is used to create the quadratic tetrahedron finite element mesh. In addition, simulation models are associative, meaning modifications made to the CAD geometry are directly reflected in the simulation model. Results display capabilities include color contour plots of stresses, deflections, strain and strain energy; factor of safety plots; deflection plots; animation of deflections and color contours; and symbol display of stresses, displacements, and reaction forces. Simulation results can also be dynamically rotated, zoomed, and panned as well as printed to any Windows printer or cut and pasted to any Windows document. MSC/InCheck automatically produces HTML and VRML report summaries of simulation results at the push of a button. Lastly, when CAE requirements grow, the software provides an upgrade path to the full suite of the manufacturer?s finite element products. It runs on Windows 95 and NT platforms. Pricing information on the MSC/InCheck software package was not provided. MSC
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