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A tiny tabletop scara

August 23, 2008

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A tiny tabletop scara

It increases productivity without increasing floor space?that?s a key element in the design of the high-speed, high-precision RS20, the latest and smallest entry yet in Staubli?s (Duncan, SC) line of tabletop, servodriven SCARAs. A perfect fit for lean manufacturing cells, the RS20 has a 220-mm reach and can handle payloads up to about 18 lb in four degrees of freedom.

It comes with a hardened ABS external housing and all of its cables and its electrical and pneumatic lines are run in its arm. It?s controlled by Staubli?s compact and lightweight CS8C M control, a technologically advanced PC-based system engineered for maximum communications capabilities and those killer apps requiring complex process control.?CK

Staubli Corp., Robotics Div.
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