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Accuracy improved in temperature control moduleAccuracy improved in temperature control module

August 23, 2008

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Accuracy improved in temperature control module

Rockwell Automation has created a new version of the Allen-Bradley 1746-BTM barrel temperature control module to deliver more accurate temperature control in molding processes. It does this by integrating the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 controller with the Pro-Set 200 injection molding control system (see coverage of the Pro-Set 200 in September 1998 IMM, p. 153). The 1746-BTM module is a four-channel temperature control module that includes automatic tuning, which aids in molding processes with long dead times and with multiple temperature slopes, resulting in more flexibility for autotuning in a wider range of applications. It also calculates PID parameters for use in controlling temperatures and has new diagnostic features for use in advanced control strategies and application troubleshooting, making PID terms independently available so programmers and users can identify, view, and respond to application processes and changes.

The 1746-BTM module executes temperature controls within the module, independent of the SLC controller. On-board cold-start logic helps bring multiple barrel zones to a desired temperature setpoint quickly, with little or no overshoot. The module works with Allen-Bradley SLC 5/02, 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05 processors and supports J- and K-type thermocouples. Configurations can be updated whenever application parameters change. Price for the new 1746-BTM temperature control is listed at $1200. Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Co. Inc.
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