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Berry Plastics and Power Efficiency implement energy efficiency program

Power Efficiency Corp. (Las Vegas, NV; www.powerefficiency.com), a clean tech company focused on efficiency technologies for electric motors, recently announced that 28 motor efficiency controls were installed on 24 granulators at Berry Plastics in Anaheim, CA (www.berryplastics.com).

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January 23, 2009

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Berry Plastics and Power Efficiency implement energy efficiency program

). Berry Plastics is a global plastics manufacturer that has set a goal to reduce energy consumption and pick up secondary benefits of the company’s environmental footprint through reduction of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, raw materials consumption, and waste creation.

Power Efficiency’s E-Save technology improves the efficiency of electric motors in granulators and other variable-load, constant-speed applications. E-Save technology monitors the load on an electric motor and reduces the amount of power consumed by the motor when it is lightly loaded. By conserving energy, E-Save technology saves money by reducing energy bills and supports sustainability programs to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Berry Plastics facility in Anaheim uses granulators that run continuously in its plastic product manufacturing process and grinding department. In an analysis based on successful tests by the local electric utility, the annual energy consumption will be reduced by more than 195,000 kWh, resulting in an annual cost decrease of $17,600. This represents an energy savings exceeding 40%, payback in less than two years, and a 74% internal rate of return.

A CO2 reduction of more than 300,000 lb is projected, equivalent to 26 cars off the road. In addition, the utility company approved an incentive for installing the motor efficiency controls.

“The motor efficiency controller solution fits right into our energy- and cost-savings goals. Granulators without E-Save technology use more energy and have high electricity costs. Berry is making efforts to increase energy efficiency and we feel it’s an important step in helping our business prosper,” said Ken Fritts, Berry Plastics maintenance manager.

Steven Strasser, chairman and CEO of Power Efficiency Corp., commented, “We are very pleased to work with Berry Plastics on this project and we are glad that E-Save technology should result in excellent energy savings to Berry Plastics for years to come. Additionally, the payback and internal rate of return on this project is outstanding.”

“We are continuing to execute on our strategy to offer our products to different segments of the industrial market. We believe that in this challenging economy, more and more industries will be motivated to adopt energy-saving technologies to reduce costs of operations. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, U.S. industrial customers spend more than $60 billion on electricity each year and motors consume more than 60% of that total. Many motors are operating at light or variable loads, meaning they are wasting energy and are potential candidates for savings with E-Save technology,” added Strasser.

Press release from Power Efficiency Corp., Dec. 19, 2008

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